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ASOBIMO, Inc. ("ASOBIMO") owns and maintains this Privacy Policy. Please read the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy before using the APPLICATION (this "Service"). By accepting our Privacy Policy and the applicable Terms of Service you consent to our collecting, storing, usage and disclosure of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.
Personal Information gathered upon this Service will be managed according to this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy will only be applied when users use our Service, and when we use and manage the acquired Personal Information.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Information that specifically identifies you personally and/or can be used alone to contact you such as your full name, physical address, email address, telephone number, and information that can identify an individual by combining other information.

2. Purpose and Use of the Personal Information

When you use our Service as well as when we provide you our Service, we may collect Personal Information prior to registration.

Acquired Information, Purpose of Use, Acquisition Method

Acquired Information: Google ID
Purpose: User Administration
Acquisition Method: Automatic Acquisition

Acquired Information: Email address
Purpose: User Administration,Inquiry Response
Acquisition Method: Provided by user

Acquired Information: Phone number
Purpose: User Authorization, User Administration
Acquisition Method: Provided by user

We may collect other information including the above for the purposes stated below.
We will not disclose your Personal Information to Third Parties without your consent unless required by law, regulation or in court order.

a) To operate and improve our Service.
b) To respond to customer service inquiries.
c) To send you announcements of our Service or other important information.
d) To verify individuals and for authentication services.
e) For marketing activities such as statistics, analysis and to conduct surveys.
f) To complete and manage payment and billing transactions.
g) To comply with required law or court orders.
h) To send gifts and offers on campaigns (in and outside the game).
i) To protect against cheating, crime or fraud, or for other security reasons.
j) Or for any other purposes on our Services.

Acquired information will be transferred to the server set up by ASOBIMO and used within the limits of its purpose.

3. Sharing to Third Parties

We will not share or disclose Personal Information to any Third Parties in general. However, we may share or disclose Personal Information for the following situations or if permitted to the Private Information Protection Law or any relevant laws.
We may also disclose your Personal Information to Third Party service vendors and partners but within the limits of necessity for accomplishing their contract purpose. Prior to disclosure we conduct examination and assessment regarding manners of utilizing Personal Information by our vendors and partners so that we enter into Non-disclosure Agreements on Personal Information with them.

a) If we have your consent.
b) If we receive official inquiry orders from public organizations such as court or law.
c) In urgent cases where there is imminent danger to people's lives or properties.
d) If information is provided anonymously.
e) Upon transfer or merge of our Company.

4. Employee Supervision

We will supervise our employees in attempt to ensure that your Personal Information and data are treated securely.

5. Third Party Service Vendors and Partners Supervision

In case that we consign treating all or a part of your Personal Information to our Third Party vendors and partners, we will supervise our Third Party vendors and partners in attempt to ensure that your Personal Information and data are treated securely as well as we enter into Non-disclosure Agreements on Personal Information with them.

6. Acquiring Log Information

Our Service uses cookies to gather information in improving our Service and managing logins.
By modifying your browser preferences, you have the option to reject all cookies, or limit the type of cookies you allow.
Rejecting or limiting the type of cookies may, however, in limited instances prevent you from accessing certain features on our Service.
We do not use cookies to gather your Personal Information.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information

We will disclose your Personal Information to you after we verify that the request has been made from the owner.
We may not disclose all or some parts of your Personal Information to protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of the Company or if it is against the law.

8. Revision

ASOBIMO may change, delete, and renew the Privacy Policy at any time without notice or liability. 
If we decide to update and change the terms of our Privacy Policy, which are recognized as important change by us, we will post those changes in our Services and/or on the applicable Sites.

9. Indemnity

You should know that information sent or disclosed over the Internet, (including e-mails, chats (including in-game chats), on-line forums, social media, or any prohibited tools) by your free will may not be secure against interception. 
Therefore, we cannot be responsible for such interception and cannot guarantee the security of such information.

Contact: Personal Information Protection Administrator
General Manager of Administration

Last revised January 26, 2019

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