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What should I take into consideration when using the AVABEL LUPINUS Official Website?
AVABEL LUPINUS has been designed based on "iPhone(R)" standard browser.

When using the AVABEL LUPINUS Official Website, please have Cookies enabled.

"Settings" > "Safari(R)" > "Block Cookies" > Select from "Allow from Websites I Visit" or "Always Allow".
If you select "Always Block", some services may not be pokeilable.

*iPhone and Safari are used under license from the United States and other countries of Apple Inc.
I sent in an inquiry but have not yet gotten a reply. Why is that?
We are replying to customer's inquiry in order and reply will vary from circumstances of daily mail congestion. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and hope for your understanding. 

If you did not received our reply, please check the following status:
- Please check if the entered email address is correct. 
- Mail reception setting.
We kindly ask you to register "@pokebelonline.com" on your accepting mail list. 
- Please check if you have received the automatic reply mail.
If you are not receiving an automatic reply, please re-send the inquiry with the different email address from which you had previously entered on last mail. (e.g. Gmail and etc.)

Also, we request you to use the Contact Form when contacting us again, as we do not handle direct replies to our mails.
We're sorry for the trouble and thank for your cooperation.
I would like to make a fan site. Is there any criteria?
Contents within the fan site must be not against public order and morality and non-commercial/non-profit purposes use. 
Also, fan fiction, videos and images related to OUR GAMES can be used secondary such as sharing on video sharing sites without permission if it is for non-commercial or non-profit purposes and the content is not against public order and morality.

If you would like to use any illustrations, logo designs, screenshots, etc. from AVABEL LUPINUS, please make sure to also add the following copyright on the same page.

(C) ASOBIMO,INC. All rights reserved.

*Copyright must be shown in a single line and is deemed invalid if broken in multiple lines.
*If you have trouble showing copyright in a single line, please contact the Support Team.

Please access to the following link below for more details.


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