will my character be erased?
If I delete the application will my character be erased? Even after deleting the app, if you download it again, you can use the character that was used up to that point.

However, the character data will be deleted if you perform any of below.
Please make sure to  backup your device data using iTunes or issue  Transfer Code before you take such actions.

-Initializing your device.
-Updating iOS.
-Restoring the system.
-Switching device.
What are the roles of each status?
Please refer to the following about status roles.

HP: Represents life force
The higher it is the more damage you can withstand
MP: Represents mental strength
The higher it is the longer you can consecutively use skills
ATK: Physical attack power Changes depending on the power of your weapon
MATK: Magic attack power Represents the power of a magic attack
DEF: Physical defense
Reduces damage caused by physical attack
MDEF: Magic defense
Reduces damage caused by magic attack
HIT: Hit accuracy
Effects damage balance and critical

STR: Effects physical attack power
INT: Effects magic attack power
VIT: Effects HP and Defense
MEN: Effects MP and Magic defense
DEX: Effects HIT
Can I change my characters name?
Character names cannot be changed once they have been made.
We are unable to support changing the character name as it could create mechanism issues (likely to produce a defect) and or create administration problems (changing name to avoid punishment of a prohibited act).
If you must change your characters name, please delete the character and create a new one.
Can I re-distribute my status points?
Once raising your status points you are unable to change them unless you use a special item "Restatus Scroll".

Please check "Title Screen" > "Shop" for the details of "Restatus Scroll".
What character names are not allowed?
Prohibited names include: GM, Operator, Developer, any words or phrases that can be mistaken for an operation administrator, names that can be considered offensive by other players, or those that violate our Terms of Use.

Any names that violate our Terms of Use will be subject to punishment.
Why do other players show up as blue sticks?

Characters can be displayed by changing Render Lv to "Max" or "Hi." from "MENU" > "Options" > "Graphic", 
however, if the RAM capacity does not reach requirement, you may not be able to change the setting.
What kind of information are necessary when sending an inquiry?
Upon receiving your inquiry, we may ask for your character's information.
If the provided information are not sufficient or not correct, we may not be able to provide support for the inquiry.

Please keep track of your characters' information in case of unexpected issues.

[Required Information]
- All Characters Name/Class/Level in the account (Case sensitive)
- Full name of all equipment that your character(s) wearing (Case sensitive)
- Full name of all poketars that your character(s)  wearing (Case sensitive)
- Name of purchased items and purchased Time/Date (if applicable)  
Please fill out as NA if not applicable.
- Order code of your past purchase (if applicable)
Please fill out as NA if not applicable.

We ask for your cooperation so we can provide smooth and adequate support.
I can't update AVABEL LUPINUS.
Please confirm if the version of AVABEL LUPINUS installed in your device is the latest.
In case there is an update, "Update" button will be displayed on Google Play Store.

If you only see "Open" button in the Google Play Store and cannot update although you are on old version, that may be resolved by performing "Clear cache" on Play Store, so please try the procedure below.

- Clear Cache Procedure
Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > tap "Clear cache"

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